Best March Madness apps for iPhone and iPad

The time is nearly upon us. On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 (mark it on your calendars — like it’s not already there!), the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament begins and all the coverage the comes along with it. Whether you’re following your favorite team, just want to keep up-to-date on your bracket, or want to watch every game… Read More »

Best CD/DVD Drives for Mac

If you’ve recently upgraded to a new iMac or MacBook Pro, you’re probably going to need an optical drive if you want to continue importing your movies and music to iTunes, or just access the content on your discs. If you think you’ll need an external drive mostly for Blu-Ray discs, most of them will also play DVDs… Read More »

How to trade in your iPhone in the U.K.

New iPhones are expensive, but if you’re going from an older one to a newer one there’s no reason you can’t put your current phone towards the cost of that new iPhone 8 or iPhone X. You could sell it privately on eBay or Gumtree or you could cut out that hassle and trade it in. You might… Read More »